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First CRO to develop and validate a bioanalytical method with a LLOQ of 0.05 pg/mL.

Keystone Bioanalytical is the 1st CRO to develop and validate a bioanalytical method with a LLOQ of 0.05 pg/mL. 

First CRO with an SCIEX 7500 Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer

Keystone Bioanalytical is the 1st CRO with a SCIEX 7500 Triple Quad mass spectrometer, the most sensitive state-of-the-art mass spectrometers offered by AB SCIEX.

First CRO with an AB SCIEX 6500 Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer

Keystone Bioanalytical is the 1st CRO with an AB SCIEX 6500 Triple Quad mass spectrometer with SelexION™ Technology and with multiple AB SCIEX 5500 mass spectrometers.

First CRO to equiped with the SelexION® Interface

Keystone Bioanalytical is the only CRO to offer and utilize the AB SCIEX SelexION® interface. This enables Keystone Bionanalytical to provide an added dimension of selectivity.

AB SCIEX 6600 Triple TOF

The AB Sciex triple TOF is capable of high resolution (<10 ppm) mass spectroscopy with or without MS/MS for qualitative and/or quantitative analyses. The instrument provides accurate mass determinations for proteins and metabolites.

Thermo Fisher Q Exactive™ Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap™ Mass Spectrometer

The liquid chromatography coupled with PDA and high-resolution mass spectrometer (LC-UV-HRMS) instruments are mainly used for in vitro and in vivo drug metabolite profiling and identification projects.

High Resolution ICP-MS for Trace Elemental Analysis

Thermo Element 2 high resolution mass spectrometer is capable of ultra-trace elemental analysis. ICP-MS is an essential analytical tool for bioanalysis for organometallics and inorganics, in general. Keystone was the first laboratory to validate an ICP-MS methods for BE studies and ANDA submissions. Keystone has recently added transition metal analysis capabilities for support of protein distribution studies.

Who We Are

Keystone Bioanalytical is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing quantitative bioanalytical method development, validation and analysis as well as drug metabolite identification (MetID) for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We perform GLP compliant and non-regulated (R&D) studies. more...




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